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Cover Page Templates For Reports Built With Microsoft Word.

The cover page is first thing that a person sees in any given report. Regardless of the report type or what you describe in its content. Adding a cover is an easy process previously described step by step to achieve awesome results, not to mention, to empress those who would receive your report, and give them a good idea about the content. Here you can find several Microsoft office – word – templates that you can use as title page right off the bat.


First of all this item is selected for those who need Their work to feel authentic and have a certain hand-made feel to it. it’s a star like the one you find in artistic crafts.

cover page


If you want to keep it simple and classic. It is not one of those where you can find a lot of colors and shapes. However, it still looks great.

cover page - cover design

3- Smart Cover Design :

This one is rather designed to be used in a professional domain. most noteworthy employees can put this cover page on their business reports and definitely it will have a big hand in impressing their superiors.

4- Pink And Blue Simple Cover :

Whenever there is a competition, and you need your report to pop. either to be the winner that you are. Or simply to get more points and get good scores in your studies. You can go ahead and pick this one and wait to see the results.

5- Golden pattern cover :

With its graphical design and its golden color, this great cover is best for those who love fancy stuff. It can make your report special and recognizable alongside many others.

6- Elegant design cover :

If you are someone that wishes to raise the bar high, this is the cover page that I would use. its unique geographical  contour will make your report special even more.

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7- Back to school Cover :

This one is designed for our younger clients . Children also have school projects to do , therefore we thought of them and we propose this cover page for parents that love to see their children shine and remarkable.

8- White And Blue Wood Cover :

This one is for those that just like simplicity and would want a cover that is different from what you usually see, its simple, cool but most importantly a very good looking cover page.

9- Color splashes Cover :

If you like painting, drawing, graphite and all of those colorful and beautiful arts, this cover page is dedicated for you.

10- Tree leaves cover design :

For the final cover page, we choose to put this one. We designed it for the nature lovers out there that prefer to decorate their work wildlife style. Moreover, you can use it as well if the subject of your report is related to the environment.


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